One Month Video Challenge

At the World Domination Summit last month in Portland, Oregon, I declared to record a one-minute video of myself every day, which I’ve done. However, I have not shared them publicly. I’m kicking up the accountability several notches now by committing to posting a video on YouTube every day this month.

I will talk about travel, hobbies, entrepreneurship, and this journey I’m on to discover a way to bring them all together. I am calling it “Geoddgraphy” because I’ve always been interested in things some people might describe as “odd” but now I’m here to embrace those things and encourage others to do the same. Because life is so much better when you are comfortable with what makes you you.

I’m calling this “Day One” because it’s a fresh start. Why wait until January to create a New Year’s resolution? I’ve decided August will begin my new year. I have no idea where this will lead, but I’m planning to have some fun with it.

Feel free to share, comment, laugh, roll your eyes, ignore…just be kind. Thank you!

PS: Someday my new website will be ready, and I have a bunch of blog posts to write and I’m way behind, but trust me it will happen in its own time. I can’t follow best practices and what “they say” I’m supposed to do. I’m going to do my own thing. Follow along!


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