So Much Travel!

When I started doing blog posts again, it was part of my bigger plan for enriching my life with more travel and brining the joys of travel to you. I thought I’d be able to crank out a couple posts a week, but the reality is that writing takes a lot of time. There is a lot that goes into an information-packed post.

My goal of consistent blog posting may have failed, but what was successful is that I have been doing a lot more travel. In fact, I’ve taken so many trips that I haven’t had a chance to finish my posts. So in a way, it has been a success for me because that was an end goal.

Heceta Head lighthouse and beach, Oregon coast
Heceta Head Lighthouse (Oregon)

I do want to get something out here and prove that once you decide to do more traveling, it will happen!

Here’s the quick and dirty list of places I’ve been since late spring:

  • Kansas: Saint Marys
  • Oregon: Eugene, Nye Beach, Multnomah Falls, Hood River, Portland
  • Washington: Seattle, Sequim, Olympia
  • British Columbia, Canada: Vancouver, Victoria
  • New York: Brooklyn, Manhattan
  • Delaware: Rehoboth Beach
  • Montana: Kalispell, Glacier National Park, Great Falls, Helena, Billings, Roundup, Ingomar, Absarokee-Beartooth National Wilderness Area, Pompeys Pillar National Monument, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
Beautiful lake Saint Mary in Glacier National Park, Montana
Idyllic Saint Mary Lake (Montana) on a Saturday afternoon

And here is what’s coming up the rest of the year:

  • Delaware: Dover, Rehoboth Beach
  • Arizona: Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff, Scottsdale
  • Texas: Austin
  • Kansas: Topeka, Saint Marys
  • Nebraska: Omaha
  • French Polynesia: Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine

I’m not ruling out a little side trip in there somewhere either, but this is quite sufficient even for me. I hope to have some content about each destination to share with you at some point, but you can see that the volume of trips will make that a challenge.

Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
From an abandoned quarry to lovely gardens bursting with color, Butchart Gardens (Victoria, BC, Canada)

My next project is video editing, which I hope to share some footage I captured in Montana especially and plan to record more in Arizona and of course French Polynesia.

Would you like to travel half as much as this? It’s possible and won’t break your bank. Follow me to learn more and please ask questions. If you enjoy travel, you too can make it a priority in your life.

Bons voyages!


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