Happy New Year 2020!

Here we are starting another new decade, and in my head I’m still back in Fall 2019 trying to assemble my photos from all the trips I’ve taken. I want to share some of the videos, pictures, and insights but it will have to be later.

Part of the reason is that I haven’t posted much here is that I’ve been working on launching my new website, GeODDgraphy. I struggled with an identity crisis of what that website should be versus this one. I think I have that decided now, but as with everything, it’s a work in continuous flux.

John The Traveler (this blog) will be a kind of online chronicle highlighting the ups and down of this entrepreneurial journey, some travel stuff, and a place to share quicker snippets of life. I want it to be an unedited, quick and dirty way to get something out there. They say perfection is the enemy of progress, so I’m really trying to take that to heart. Otherwise, I won’t get anywhere.

Sunset with palm trees and boats, from the Huahine Yacht Club in Fare.
Pretty picture for distraction: a rare rainy season sunset in Huahine, French Polynesia

GeODDgraphy will be more of a website with a blog component, where I hope to share more curated content. Maintaining one website is hard enough, so this is aspirational. I am going to continue to experiment with different media to determine what the best way for me to reach people in a way that feels right and authentic. I really want to make an impact, and I want that to feel natural.

This new year started a bit lackluster for me. We returned from an epic trip to French Polynesia to a mild but blah DC winter. We finally had our first snow of the season, which at less than 2 inches caused the federal government to shut down and some schools to close for two days. I guess I’m not the only one moving rather slowly.

Winter blues aside, I did just post a video on my YouTube channel featuring some of our snorkeling from Huahine island in French Polynesia. Check in out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC4Q26ZWx60.

In the meantime, I hope to focus on writing a little bit every day this month. It may not be here, though. I’ll try to check in more frequently and let you know what’s going on.

Shockingly I have no specific travel plans until May, when I’ll be going to the third TravelCon (my second) in New Orleans.

Have an enjoyable week and Happy 2020. Let’s make this the stellar year that its futuristic and auspicious number implies it will be.

Rockville sunrise over the train tracks
Sunrise over Rockville, Maryland on the second day of 2020

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  1. Can’t wait to join you in NOLA!

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