Musings in the Time of Coronavirus

The last time I posted anything here, I had promised a lot. I was going to write up about our travels to Tahiti, my progress with an entrepreneurial course, and other life and travel related items. I was extremely busy in February preparing for our impending house construction, learning the ropes of my new job,…

Happy Kansas Day!

There is a tradition in my home state of celebrating the day it became a state back in 1861. This “holiday” was first observed as far back as 1877 by schoolchildren in Paola. It wasn’t until I moved to another state that I realized that the concept of celebrating one’s statehood wasn’t a common occurrence….

Accountability in Action

The chill of winter has definitely made its presence known here in the DMV. Minnesotans may laugh at this, but we’ve had high temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. I grew up in a cold winter climate, but that doesn’t mean I ever liked it. Take me back to Tahiti! I’d even settle for a…

My Inner Entrepreneur is Awake Now!

Everything seems quiet here in comparison to the last half of 2019. I have few trips on the horizon and while that is a little sad for me, I know I have a lot to do in this first quarter and I want to use the time wisely to make progress towards my goals so…

Happy New Year 2020!

Here we are starting another new decade, and in my head I’m still back in Fall 2019 trying to assemble my photos from all the trips I’ve taken. I want to share some of the videos, pictures, and insights but it will have to be later. Part of the reason is that I haven’t posted…

Kansas Podcast

Listen to my podcast on Amateur Traveler as I provide an itinerary for an epic western Kansas road trip. We will visit museums, see fossils, land formations, Wild West characters, and much more.

So Much Travel!

When I started doing blog posts again, it was part of my bigger plan for enriching my life with more travel and brining the joys of travel to you. I thought I’d be able to crank out a couple posts a week, but the reality is that writing takes a lot of time. There is…

One Month Video Challenge

At the World Domination Summit last month in Portland, Oregon, I declared to record a one-minute video of myself every day, which I’ve done. However, I have not shared them publicly. I’m kicking up the accountability several notches now by committing to posting a video on YouTube every day this month. I will talk about…

On Top of the World

Founded in 2011 by Chris Guillebeau, the World Domination Summit is an eclectic event that brings together creatives, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who want to live a life bigger than what society imagines it to be. Here is a chronicle of my first experience at WDS, in its penultimate year.

Travel Mishaps

Air traffic control tower at tiny Manhattan, Kansas airport